CLAYplay Day - Fun for All

The Gila Valley Library was pleased to host the third annual CLAYplay event in Gila as part of Silver City's extensive Clay Festival programming. This well attended event was FREE and open to all ages. Beth Menczer, a distinguished local artist, facilitated both a mask making and flute making event.  Beth has worked with clay for more than 50 years and was the lead artist for the library's second mural project (on display next to the library's front door). This was an educational and fun experience for children and adults. From conception, through crafting and finishing the "masterpieces" in clay, it was an exciting process for all.  We would like to thank Beth for sharing her clay magic with our community and thank the Silver City Clay Festival for coordinating CLAYplay!

Library Director, Madge Slavec "What's more fun than playing with clay, making a mask and flute, while sitting next to my precious grandson who also participated."  




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