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Titles Recently Added to Our Collection


New in Nonfiction

Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future
Elizabeth Kolbert
“A master elucidator, Kolbert is gratifyingly direct as she assesses our predicament between a rock and a hard place, creating a clarion and invaluable ‘book about people trying to solve problems created by people trying to solve problems.’” — Booklist (starred review)

How to Be an Antiracist
Ibram X Kendi
“A boldly articulated, historically informed explanation of what exactly racist ideas and thinking are . . . [Kendi’s] prose is thoughtful, sincere, and polished. This powerful book will spark many conversations.”— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

This is Your Time
Ruby Bridges
“Ruby experienced unimaginable racial hatred, lost her oldest son to random violence, and still advocates for positive change. Kids will relate to Ruby's stories on many levels and be inspired by the difference one little girl made. A profoundly moving book.” — Booklist (starred review)

Alien Oceans: The Search for Life in the Depths of Space
Kevin Peter Hand
Inside the epic quest to find life on the water-rich moons at the outer reaches of the solar system

The Codebreaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing and the Future of the Human Race
Walter Isaacson
A gripping account of how Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna and her colleagues launched a revolution that will allow us to cure diseases, fend off viruses, and have healthier babies



Twilight of Democrary: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism
Anne Applebaum
“An often sobering, sometimes shocking, but never despairing account of the rise of authoritarianism in the West.” — Los Angeles Review of Books


Kill Switch: The Rise of the Modern Senate and the Crippling of American Democracy
Adam Jentleson
An insider’s account of how politicians representing a radical white minority of Americans have used “the world’s greatest deliberative body” to hijack our democracy

Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age
Sanjay Gupta, MD
“In a steady, measured voice, [Gupta] presents a comprehensive view of the best that brain science has to offer to preserve and improve memory.” — Kirkus Reviews

Apollo's Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live
Nicholas A. Christakis
"A piercing and scientifically grounded look at the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic and how it will change the way we live." — The New Yorker

Too Much and Never Enough
Mary L. Trump, Ph.D.
"[A] deftly written account of cross-generational trauma. . . . Mary Trump brings to this account the insider perspective of a family member, the observational and analytical abilities of a clinical psychologist and the writing talent of a former graduate student in comparative literature." — Washington Post

The WEIRDest People in the World
Joseph Henrich
"Henrich offers a capacious new perspective that could facilitate the necessary work of sorting out what's irredeemable and what's invaluable in the singular, impressive, and wildly problematic legacy of Western domination." ―Judith Schulevitz, The Atlantic

War: How Conflict Shaped Us
Margaret MacMillan
“An insightful and disturbing study of war as an aspect of culture.” — Kirkus Reviews

The Botany of Desire
Michael Pollan
Weaving fascinating anecdotes and accessible science into gorgeous prose, Pollan takes us on an absorbing journey that will change the way we think about our place in nature.


World of Wonders
Aimee Nezhukumatathil
From beloved, award-winning poet Aimee Nezhukumatathil comes a debut work of nonfiction―a collection of essays about the natural world, and the way its inhabitants can teach, support, and inspire us.


Bob Woodward
An unprecedented and intimate tour de force of new reporting on the Trump presidency facing a global pandemic, economic disaster and racial unrest



Exercised: Why Something We Never Evolved to Do Is Healthy and Rewarding
Daniel Lieberman
“Persuasive... Refreshing... [Lieberman's] illuminating and frequently humorous work will delight fitness mavens and make those pesky workout sessions more rewarding for everyone else."
Publishers Weekly

Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family
Robert Kolker
The heartrending story of a midcentury American family with twelve children, six of them diagnosed with schizophrenia, that became science's great hope in the quest to understand the disease

Eat the Buddha: Life and Death in a Tibetan Town
Barbara Demick
“This remarkable book offers a unique insight into Tibet's plight, allowing the reader to understand what it is like for its people to be tossed about in a political storm they neither want nor understand.”—Daily Mail

The Plot to Betray America
Malcolm Nance
"Succinctly recapping the many interconnected Trump scandals and instances of irresponsible and dangerous behavior, Nance methodically illuminates established facts and their consequences and offers new revelations and insights in an evidential fashion. The result is sobering, consequential, and urgent."―Booklist

The Emerald Mile: The Epic Story of the Fastest Ride in History Through the Heart of the Grand Canyon
Kevin Fedarko
From one of Outside magazine’s “Literary All-Stars” comes the thrilling true tale of the fastest boat ride ever, down the entire length of the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon, during the legendary flood of 1983.


Thunder in the Mountains: Chief Joseph, Oliver Otis Howard, and the Nez Perce War
Daniel J. Sharfstein
The epic clash of two American legends―their brutal war and a battle of ideas that defined America after Reconstruction

New in Biographies and Memoirs


A Promised Land
Barack Obama
A riveting, deeply personal account of history in the making—from the president who inspired us to continue to believe in the power of democracy


Why Fish Don't Exist
Lulu Miller
Nineteenth-century scientist David Starr Jordan built one of the most important fish specimen collections ever seen, until the 1906 San Francisco earthquake shattered his life's work.


The Dead Are Arising: The Life of Malcolm X
Les Payne
An epic biography of Malcolm X finally emerges, drawing on hundreds of hours of the author’s interviews, rewriting much of the known narrative.

New in Literature and Rhetoric


Vesper Flights
Helen Macdonald
By one of this century’s most important and insightful nature writers, Vesper Flights is a captivating and foundational book about observation, fascination, time, memory, love and loss and how we make sense of the world around us.


Dearly: New Poems
Margaret Atwood
"It’s hauntingly beautiful, with reflections on life and death, time and change, and nature and zombies. The strong imagery and atmosphere will probably hook even those who had only been familiar with Atwood’s fiction." — Washington Post


A Swim in the Pond in the Rain
George Saunders
“A master of contemporary fiction joyously assesses some of the best of the nineteenth century.”— Kirkus Reviews

New in Fiction

Leave the World Behind
Rumaan Alam
Two families, strangers to each other, are forced together on a long weekend gone terribly wrong.

The Paris Library
Janel Skeslien Charles
"A love letter to Paris, the power of books, and the beauty of intergenerational friendship." — Booklist

The Divines
Ellie Eaton
“At times both sharp and haunting, this novel embodies the awkwardness and regret of adolescence.” — Booklist

The Captain and the Glory
Dave Eggers
Absurd, hilarious, and all too recognizable — a wicked farce of contemporary America only Dave Eggers could dream up.

Cold Mountain
Charles Frazier
An extraordinary novel about a soldier’s perilous journey back to his beloved at the end of the Civil War

The Other Bennet Sister
Janet Hadlow
"Delightful. . . . a charming and enchanting story . . . intelligent heroines with agency and heart." — Library Journal (starred review)

The Midnight Library
Matt Haig
"A feel-good book guaranteed to lift your spirits." —The Washington Post

The Once and Future Witches
Alix E. Harrow
“Compelling, exhilarating, and magical . . ."― Booklist (starred review)

The Kindest Lie
Nancy Johnson
“ . . . a layered, complex exploration of race and class." — The Washington Post

The Prophets
Robert Jones, Jr
“[A] panoramic vision of love and cruelty . . . An unsparing portrayal of a barbaric system.” — The New Yorker

Raven Leilani
“Exacting, hilarious, and deadly . . . A writer of exhilarating freedom and daring.” — Zadie Smith, Harper’s Bazaar

The Vineyard at Painted Moon
Susan Mallery
“Mallery is an expert at writing about strong women, their friendships, and their romances.” — Booklist

The Mirror & the Light (Wolf Hall Trilogy, Book 3)
Hilary Mantel
"The Wolf Hall trilogy is probably the greatest historical fiction accomplishment of the past decade." — The New York Times Book Review

The Nature of Fragile Things
Susan Meissner
"Spring 1908, a massive earthquake in San Francisco ignites a devouring inferno . . . but some rise from the ashes forever changed. “ . . . this captivates from beginning to end.” — Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

A Children’s Bible
Lydia Millet
“Darkly funny and painfully sharp. . . . about the devastating effects of climate denialism.” — Los Angeles Times

Sue Miller
"A haunting meditation on love, marriage, fidelity, betrayal, and loss. . . . Miller's work is magnificent and moving. Consider it for your next book club." — AARP Magazine

Anna North
"Outlawed stirs up the western with a provocative blend of alt-history and feminist consciousness. . . . a fantastically cinematic adventure that turns the sexual politics of the Old West inside out." — Ron Charles, Washington Post

Maggie O’Farrell
“Of all the stories that argue and speculate about Shakespeare’s life . . . here is a novel . . .so gorgeously written that it transports you." — The Boston Globe

The King at the Edge of the World
Arthur Phillips
“A rich, old-fashioned spy thriller set in Elizabethan England . . . the book blends the leanness of a taut thriller with the marbled fatness of Elizabethan prose.” — The New York Times Book Review

The Book of Two Ways
Jodi Picoult
“ . . . [a] look at the complexity of a woman as she enters middle age. . . . Picoult always tells both sides of a story not with judgment, but with grace.” — The Washington Post

Such a Fun Age
Kiley Reid
“Reid constructs a plot so beautifully intricate and real and fascinating that readers will forget it’s also full of tough questions about race, class and identity.” –– Washington Post

Black Sun (Book 1 in the Between Earth and Sky trilogy)
Rebecca Roanhorse
Inspired by the civilizations of the Pre-Columbian Americas and woven into a tale of celestial prophecies, political intrigue, and forbidden magic

The (Other) You: Stories
Joyce Carol Oates
“Crackling with pent-up emotion and deadly devices, a suite of neatly intertwining stories by a masterful storyteller. . . . Few short story writers do as much in so few words as the economical, enigmatic Oates.” – Kirkus Reviews (starred)

Shuggie Bain
Douglas Stuart
“A novel that cracks open the human heart, brings you inside, tears you up, and brings you up, with its episodes of unvarnished love, loss, survival and sorrow.” — Scott Simon, NPR’s “Weekend Edition”

Marilynne Robinson
“Robinson’s stellar, revelatory fourth entry in her Gilead cycle . . . is a beautiful, superbly crafted meditation on the redemption and transcendence that love affords.” ¬— Publishers Weekly (starred review)


Spring (Book 3, Seasonal Quartet)
Ali Smith
“These novels, in straddling immediacy and permanence, the personal as well as the scope of a world tilting toward disaster, are the ones we might well be looking back on years from now as the defining, if baffling, literature of an indefinable and baffling era. And the shape the telling takes is, if not salvation, brilliance itself.” —Rebecca Makkai, The New York Times Book Review


Summer (Book 4, Seasonal Quartet)
Ali Smith
“A deeply resonant finale to a work that should come to be recognized as a classic . . . A novel that is wonderfully entertaining . . . and a reminder, brought home by the pandemic, that everything and everyone truly is connected and the sufferance of suffering hurts us all.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


New in Mysteries and Thrillers

The Power Couple
Alex Berenson
“Tailor-made for the big screen.” — Publishers Weekly

The Sentinel: A Jack Reacher Novel
Lee Child
“Utterly addictive.” — The New York Times

When No One Is Watching
Alyssa Cole
"The dangers of gentrification turn very literal in [this] unputdownable new thriller." — Harper's Bazaar (43 Best Books to Read in 2020)

Law of Innocence (A Lincoln Lawyer Novel, 6)
Michael Connelley
“One of the finest legal thrillers of the last decade” — Associated Press

The Searcher
Tana French
“ . . . a fine thriller, but also a moving story of an unlikely friendship that grows from refinishing a ramshackle desk to rebuilding two nearly broken lives.” — Booklist

Daisy Johnson
“Builds a gothic plot to an artful and shocking climax.” — The New York Times

Moonflower Murders (Book 2 of 2 Magpie Murders)
Anthony Horowitz
A deviously dark take on vintage English crime fiction

Ball Park: An Émile Cinq-Mars Thriller (1)
John Farrow
"Remarkable stuff. Fans of Bill James' Harpur and Iles saga of cops and robbers are in for quite a treat." — Kirkus Reviews, starred

Roar Back: An Émile Cinq-Mars Thriller (2)

Lady Jail: An Émile Cinq-Mars Thriller (3)

New in Young Adult Fiction

Naomi Novik
“Drawing on her Polish heritage and fairy-tale tropes, [Novik] has penned an original and fully realized fantastical place guaranteed to enthrall her longtime fans and attract new readers. This exceptional fantasy for adult and teen readers should appeal to those who love fairy-tale influenced stories such as Robin McKinley’s Spindle’s End.”— Library Journal (starred review)

Spinning Silver
Naomi Novik
“A perfect tale . . . This book is about the determination and quiet competence of women doing remarkable things without knowing first that they can do them. . . . A big and meaty novel, rich in both ideas and people, with the vastness of Tolkien and the empathy and joy in daily life of Le Guin.”—The New York Times Book Review

A Deadly Education
Naomi Novik
From the author of Uprooted and Spinning Silver comes the first book of the Scholomance trilogy, the story of an unwilling dark sorceress who is destined to rewrite the rules of magic.

Fiction Added Late 2020

For Young Readers